1. Frequently Asked Questions

    Below are frequently asked questions about the Jillianna. Click on the questions to see the answers. If you feel that the answer does not adequately address your specific question, please contact your authorized Jillianna retailer or contact us directly.

    Q.1 What is the Jillianna breast form?

    It is a non -silicone, non-structured breast form designed for women who have had a total or partial mastectomy. The front is a silky soft material and it has a 100% cotton back. It is filled with a unique custom mixture that fits comfortably against the chest wall.

    Q.2 How is the Jillianna different from a silicone breast form?

    Silicone breast forms are more structured and come in a plastic like skin. The silicone form feels much like a natural breast, but is often times heavy and traps in your body heat. This can lead to a very uncomfortable, hot and sweaty breast form. The Jillianna breast form’s unique mixture of fiber-fill and caviar beads allow air to circulate, keeping you cool and dry. The 100% cotton backing also assists in keeping you cool and comfortable.

    Q.3 Is the Jillianna breast form heavy?

    It comes in three different weights since it is a matter of opinion of how heavy it feels. The lightest weight is mainly for immediately following surgery. Then, there is a light weight and medium weight. The medium weight form is closest to simulating the weight of a missing breast to insure proper balance.

    Q.4 Do I need to wear it in a special post mastectomy bra?

    You can wear it in a post mastectomy bra that has pockets or it can be worn in a regular bra. Either works well.

    Q.5 Can the Jillianna form be worn in a pool or the ocean?

    It can be worn in a chlorinated swimming pool, but it is a good idea after swimming to wash and rinse your form well. However, we do not recommend you wear it in ocean.

    Q.6 What are the washing and care instructions?

    It is suggested to use warm water with a mild soap (ie: Woolite, Ivory soap). Do not use a perfumed or lotion soap as these may leave a residue. Gently massage form with your hands and rinse in cool water. Squeeze excess water out of form and roll in a towel. You may lay it flat (turning occassionly) to dry.

    Q.7 Does the Jillianna form come with a guarantee?

    Yes. With normal wear, your form is guaranteed to last for six months against any manufacturing defects.

    Q.8 Will insurance pay for the form?

    Medicare will pay on a non-silicone breast form every six months or twice a year. Most other insurances will do the same, however, you may need to check with your individual insurance and plan to make certain. Our staff will be glad to assist you in filing a reimbursement claim should you have any questions.