Jillianna Fitting Guide

The patented Jillianna breast forms are designed to fit the bra and cup size that you need. Our form sizes range from size 0 to size 16.

The Jillianna sizing chart specifies the Jillianna size that matches your bra and cup size. For instance, if you wear a 40B bra, the Jillianna size you need would be size 5.

The Jillianna comes in two shapes, oval and triangle, and three different weights.

The After Surgery Fluff (OA) form is for patients immediately after their mastectomy.

We have found that a little weight is better for recovery in comparison to no weight; it stays in place more effortlessly than a breast form with no weight.

The LightWeight Form (OL) is a light weight form created for women who feel as though they do not need as much weight. The Medium Weight (OM) feels the closest to the natural weight of the breast and is often the form of choice because it provides the most balanced fit.

The Jillianna also comes in a shell or partial. The oval shell (OS) and triangle shell (TS) are for women who have lost part of their breast. It comes in A and B thickness. The A is thinner for a slight decrease in breast size.